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Promotional Beach & Outdoor Items

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Promotional Hand fan

Hand fan from £0.24

Promotional Hand fan W4V7381

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Willow Green)
Collection of a contemporary crafted in Paper and PP Hand fan with plastic handle, foldable obtainable in a collection of standard colours and with a logo print services for the best finish on your promotional actions.Slogan or message or sign can g....
Promotional Reflective armband

Reflective armband from £0.25

Promotional Reflective armband W4V6546

(Orange, Yellow, Silver)
A dynamic variety containing manufactured in Plastic and Velour Reflective Snap band (for promotional use only) with many colours to choose from also with Screenprint personalisation techniques for a final look on promotional events.This promo produ....
Promotional Bubble blower

Bubble blower from £0.34

Promotional Bubble blower W4V8666

Manufactured in PP available in one colour a well-accepted diversity which comprises Bubble blower and liquid, 55 ml (printing area: on the lid possible only) also with logo printing options for the best finish on your exhibitions.This promotional p....
Promotional Bubble blower

Bubble blower from £0.38

Promotional Bubble blower W4V7341

(White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue)
To promote your brand during trade shows browse a great and affordable range containing Bubble blower with liquid, 30 ml with many colours to choose from created in PE and PP and with Doming up to 10cm2 personalisation techniques.Your logo set down....
Promotional Wooden yo-yo

Wooden yo-yo from £0.40

Promotional Wooden yo-yo W4V7348

A budget range containing an impressive Wooden yo-yo produced from Wood availabe in one colour also with Doming up to 10cm2 branding techniques to carry your logo during trade shows.Logo service should be fit to purely utilise the product's printing ....
Promotional Compass

Compass from £0.42

Promotional Compass W4V7809

(Black, Blue)
A recommended collection containing a low cost Compass with carabineer manufactured to the highest standards from ABS with many colours to choose from also with Padprint branding techniques to display logo or message during promotional actions.This p....
Promotional Bicycle cover

Bicycle cover from £0.50

Promotional Bicycle cover W4V5550

(White, Black, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Pink)
A high quality batch which introduces Bicycle seat cover with PU interior coating manufactured in Polyester 190T and PU offered in a set of different colours and with Screen Transfer up to 50sq cm printing services for a final look during exhibition....
Promotional Bamboo yo-yo

Bamboo yo-yo from £0.50

Promotional Bamboo yo-yo W4V7394

With class selection which has a contemporary made from Bamboo fiber and PP Bamboo yo-yo availabe in one colour and with a logo print services to apply your logo during promotional actions.This Promotional Bamboo yo-yo was in the past few days bough....
Promotional Graffiti street chalk

Graffiti street chalk from £0.52

Promotional Graffiti street chalk W4V1552

A great variety featuring Graffiti street chalk, 6 colours produced from Chalk and Paper available in one colour also with logo printing options for a final look on conferences.Logo imprint positioned on item's printing space every now and then ....
Promotional Juggling ball

Juggling ball from £0.53

Promotional Juggling ball W4V4006

(Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green)
Manufactured in PU a super value group which comprises a budget Juggling ball obtainable in a group of standard colours also with logo printing options to carry your logo on marketing campaigns.This product often is very well-liked by every partners....
Promotional Foldable binoculars

Foldable binoculars from £0.53

Promotional Foldable binoculars W4V6290

(White, Black)
A high quality collection featuring Foldable binoculars, 3x magnification manufactured from Cardboard with many colours to choose from also with Padprint personalisation techniques to promote your brand on marketing campaigns.Logo imprint positioned ....
Promotional Fan flag

Fan flag from £0.54

Promotional Fan flag W4V7801

(White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue)
Collection which includes an incredible made from Polyester 40 g/m2 Fan flag, big size accessible in a collection of colours and with Laser Engraving up to 10 sq cm brand application for a final look on promotional actions.Your brand could thoroughly....
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Promotional summer items are here

How can promotional beach and outdoor items help in marketing actions?

The fact that you are browsing the category of beach and outdoor items, means it is summertime and your marketing campaign will be full of good fun! These items are just perfect for all sorts of outdoor events and the choice is so wide that you will find the whole variety of promotional products here which will be just ideal for men, women and children in most cases, as the little ones are those who appreciate good fun the most.

Beach and outdoor personalised items

This category includes wide range of products such as sunglasses with poaches, mattresses, inflatable balls and other fun-making objects, pillows, beach bags, binoculars, skipping ropes and many more.

It is only up to you who will be given such gifts, when and why but if we may advise you, based on our experience, Water4Fish has prepared this category for all companies which want to place their logo on fun-generating items and their marketing campaign is not a deadly serious action. The fact that customised beach items are designed mostly for summertime, gives one more opportunity in terms of their personalisation. Beach products, as well as outdoor products with logo, are available in many different colour options which can be chosen during the ordering process.

Personalised beach and outdoor items will be widely associated with good time and you can be certain that if you choose right products your message will reach even far distances and that may bring a lot of new customers to your door. Use them in your events, marketing and political campaigns and you can be certain that your brand will become recognizable even in the least expected regions. With Water4Fish you can plan all actions to be taken during the campaign and adjust it to your budget. We have obviously made ready some low cost products as well as more sophisticated customised items which you can order and use. This occasion is a great moment to consider a "goodie bag' where you can place many different items and impress your business partners and their families. You can also choose the pre-made beach sets to make sure the people who are going to receive this gift from you will have good fun with your giveaways.

Right! As you have decided which products to buy, how many of them and what they should be made of, there is just one more step to be taken before we process your order and dispatch it to you. Please choose the printing technique you would like to have used for your items. You can go for either dye sublimation, screen printing or pad printing.

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