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Showing all 6 products

Promotional sweets for your customers

What is good about promotional sweets and chocolate products?

What is good about the products gathered here is the price? Practically all of them are less than a pound per item apart from one or two products which are a bit more expensive, but it is justified. Such bigger sweet bags with logo are just perfect if you want to surprise not only friends who support your company, but your partners or Clients. Such "sweetie bag" is always a good idea especially if you consider kids. You can be sure that even if your campaign is not targeted at kids, which cannot really happen, all parents who come back home carrying those bags stuffed with sweets will be family heroes for all children.

So let's quickly look at the products. Mints are always good, and they are even better when they are handy! Make them easy-access with all those various and fancy boxes we are offering to you. Houses for estate agents, cars for car renting companies, hearts for all accessories producers, including the hot ones! Or how about a chocolate jar for shops to give candies or bars to kids and regular customers? Don't limit yourself or your actions to the most popular promotional items. There is a lot more to discover! Do it with Water4Fish and make your marketing campaign stand out with sweets and chocolate customised items! Let the public love your stuff the way they love sweets and chocolate!

Screen printing? Dye sublimation? Or perhaps pad printing? If you place an order with Water4Fish you can choose the desired method of printing. It may happen in some rare cases that it won't be possible to print your logo using the method you have chosen, but don't worry. In such case our experienced staff will be happy to pick the best solution for your order. Otherwise you may want to use any of the three methods we introduced in the beginning of this paragraph.

Does Water4Fish UK offer Promotional Sweets & Chocolate items with no minimum order?

Branding techniques can vary or be limited but in many cases the choice is unchanged in a small quantity order. Planing promotional actions every occupation would like to have a choice of all options of brand application instead of buying order for a large quantity so if you need a small quantity order we are here to help.

Our range of Sweets & Chocolate generally can be available in a low quantity but if your promotional actions require a branding your final price may be higher due to minimum charge for print and preparation which sporadically makes your final individual product price too inefficient that is why we recommend to check additional available options such as for order greater than minimum to help you make your mind up.

To acquire a decent quote which is tailored to meet your promotional requirements do not hesitate to let us select an ideal alternative do not hesitate to call us on 0203 3972 172 or email on info@w4fish.uk.

We have no hidden price policy and because of that whichever price is sent to customers their price would not be changed even after in the meantime the prices rise and typically the quoted price for personalised products is composed of individual item price one-off screen charge and depending on the technique print application price.

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